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cosmetic gum sculpting

Cosmetic Treatments

A beautiful, healthy smile is always in fashion…

With the evolution of dental technology and techniques, the artistic possibilities for smile design today are limitless. Smiles can often be cosmetically enhanced by changing the appearance of the gums.

Your gums define your teeth.

Atlanta Periodontist Dr. Susan Baker can adjust this relationship, making teeth look longer, shorter, or better shaped to make your smile more attractive. Cosmetic Periodontics can also make replacement teeth look more natural and improve the appearance of existing teeth.

Laser Periodontics

Also known as periodontal plastic surgery, cosmetic periodontal procedures are used to change how the gums ‘frame’ the teeth. Dr. Baker often uses Waterlase® laser dental technology for sculpting and re-shaping of gum tissue. The gentle, brush-like movement of the dental laser gives her the ability to make fine modifications without cutting. No cutting means no sutures, less anesthetic and faster healing times than traditional dental surgery.

patient before and after cosmetic gum sculpting

Should I consider Cosmetic Periodontics?

If you feel you have a ‘gummy’ smile, or your teeth are too short, cosmetic periodontics may be an option for you. Your cosmetic dentist may also recommend gum sculpting procedures to support the health and appearance of veneers or dental crowns.

The first step is an exam and consultation with Atlanta Periodontist, Dr. Susan Baker. Following a periodontal assessment with necessary dental x-rays, Dr. Baker will provide you with recommendations to change your smile appearance.

Dr. Susan Baker has helped patients enhance their smiles with cosmetic gum sculpting procedures for over 30 years.

Contact Us to schedule a new patient consultation in our Norcross periodontal practice or ask your dentist if cosmetic periodontal treatment might be the solution for your smile!