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Laser Periodontics

Dr. Susan Baker is a certified Waterlase® for dentistry provider.

Waterlase® for dentistry combines YSGG laser energy and a spray of water, a process called HydroPhotonics™. The gentle action of Waterlase® dental technology allows the periodontist to perform gum treatments and surgical procedures with little or no bleeding and less post-operative swelling, usually requiring less pain medication as a result.

Lasers have long been the standard of care for many surgical and cosmetic procedures such as LASIK, wrinkle and hair removal. Waterlase® for dentistry was approved for hard tissue procedures by the FDA in 1998. Waterlase-trained dentists around the world have performed millions of hard and soft tissue dental procedures using this patented technology.

Dr. Baker utilizes dental laser technology for a number of periodontal procedures, including:

waterlase dentistry

Root Planing procedures for treatment of Periodontal Disease

The fine, precision tip of the dental laser provides access between the tooth and the gum tissue to remove hard deposits from tooth surfaces and the roots of the teeth. The laser is applied using a sweeping motion, minimizing discomfort. Studies have also shown that the interaction between the laser and the soft tissue cells can help to stimulate healing and new tissue growth.

Osseous Crown Lengthening

Bone shaping, or ‘crown lengthening’ procedures are used to expose more tooth surface to provide support for a dental crown. Dr. Baker utilizes the dental laser to gently shape the gum tissue and bone and expand the treatment area for the restoration. This creates a more stable foundation for the general dentist to design the crown.

Soft Tissue support procedures for Dental Implants

The finer incision technique with Waterlase® dentistry provides a unique tool for uncovering dental implants following placement and healing, or treatment of peri-implantitis (inflammation around a dental implant). Dr. Baker also uses the Waterlase® for soft tissue access and site debridement during implant placement procedures.

Atlanta Periodontist Dr. Susan Baker is a certified Waterlase for Dentistry® Provider.

When Dr. Baker is able to use the dental laser instead of traditional tools such as the drill and scalpel to perform surgical periodontal procedures, fewer shots and less anesthesia are required. Learn more about Waterlase Dental Technology.

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