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dr. susan baker with periodontal patient

Sedation Dentistry

Atlanta Periodontist Dr. Susan Baker has completed advanced education in oral conscious sedation for dentistry.

Oral conscious sedation is sometimes referred to as ‘comfort dentistry’ or ‘relaxation dentistry’, which describes the feeling most patients have while sedated. Many of our patients that have previously experienced anxiety when visiting the dentist have found this type of sedation for a surgical or dental implant procedure helpful.

  • Oral sedation patients are given medication to take prior to their dental appointment to help them achieve a deeply relaxed statement during treatment. They have a friend stay with them for the day to drive and help them with minor tasks at home until the sedation wears off.
  • During treatment, the patient is awake and able to communicate, however, they are extremely relaxed. Most oral sedation patients do not remember the details of their procedures, just that they visited our practice.

Am I a candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

If you are very fearful about dental treatment or have difficulty keeping your mouth open for longer periods of time, you may be a candidate for oral conscious sedation. Surgical and dental implant patients sometimes request oral conscious sedation to help them stay relaxed throughout their procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We also offer nitrous oxide sedation (also known as ‘laughing gas’). The patient wears an inhaler nose mask with a mixture of nitrous oxide gas and oxygen during their treatment. Nitrous oxide sedation has a mildly relaxing effect, and the patient is awake throughout the procedure. For most patients the effects wear off almost immediately when the mask is removed.

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If you have questions about sedation dentistry, we invite you to Contact Our Team to learn about options available in our Norcross periodontal practice.

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